The CopterSpotter Map

A project by @SamuelcRees and @HelicoptersofDC

Common Operators by Type:

Air Force - UH1(N/H)
Army/National Guard - UH60/H60
Coast Guard - MH65/AS65
POTUS - V22/VH60(N)
Medical - EC35/EC45
DC/MD/VA Police - AS350/AS50
Park Police - B412/B206
CopterSpotter data is voluntarily submitted and is not a measured random sample of the full population of like events.
The CopterSpotter Map is a visualization project developed by @SamuelcRees with support and data from @HelicoptersofDC and the community.

To support The CopterSpotter Map and @HelicoptersofDC find us on Patreon, and if you see a helicopter, tweet us! Further instructions at copterspotter.com.

@SamuelcRees on Twitter for bug reports or feature requests. Use Google Chrome for the best experience.

Special thanks to Andrew Logan (@lgnsnd) for creating something great and letting me run with this project, Aaron Long (@aaronlng) for all his contributions, and the community for being interested in our unique airspace.